The Unknown About Ambitiouz Entertainment & All It Does Against Artists Revealed By A-Reece

South African rapper during an interview with Pearl on Behind The Story, A-Reece spilled out his heart revealing a hidden information people didn’t know about, speaking about what really happens at Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The rapper revealed that he wasn’t getting paid and was taken advantage of, then when he left was told he owed them millions.

“To be honest I wasn’t getting paid and I felt my art direction was being taken to a whole new domain that I wasn’t comfortable with. But beyond that I wasn’t getting paid. Me and the label owner had the verbal agreement when i had approached.”

He further spoke about how his carelessness to get into the label was pursued by naivety and anxiety.

“I was hopeless because I was in matric and I didn’t know what I was gonna do with my life, I was anxious. I feel like most artists in the label are taken an advantage of. It’s like they check where you are in life first before they propose to you whatever they wanna propose. I wasn’t supposed to be getting money monthly I was supposed to be getting money per show, for the work I put in. But i was getting paid monthly and a certain amount that just didn’t cut it for me.”

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